CH Benchmark's Born To Boogie

AmCanCH Silverlane's Excalibur AmCanCH Berlane's Causin An Uproar, CDX, SOM, LOM CH Bridgewood's B.K. Kahuna, SOM, LOM CH Telstar's Good Time Charlie, SOM
Gingers Gold'N Glow
Berlane's Just Causin Kaos, DOM, DOMC, LOM CH Rochil's Grande Marshall, SOM, LOM
CanCH Rayshar's Summer Magic, CD, TT
AmCanCH Sprucelane's Abby Roade AmCanCH Berlane's High Voltage, SOM, SOMC AmCanCH Bayview Clean Sweep, SOM, SOMC
AmCanCH Berlane's Wish Upon A Star, DOM, DOMC, LOMC
Sprucelane's Kood Of Ben Yours AmCanCH Berlane's Causin An Uproar, CDX, SOM, LOM
CanCH Mephisto's When Harry Met Sally
CH Benchmark's Hearts A Fire, RN, CGC CH McCoy's Hide Your Hearts, SOM McCoy's Taylor Made Tie CH EWO'S Tie Breaker, SOM, LOM
CH Gold Medal's Taylor Made
PRO'S Forget-Me-Not CH ScenicVu's Mountain Breaker
CH PRO'S In Thy Image, DOM
Benchmark's Calamity Jane, RN CH Woodview's Maverick CH Debut's Desperado, CD, CGC, SOM
CH Golden Gloves Celebration
Pilotspeak Kahluha CH Tejelo's Reflection Of Hunter, SOM
Ken-Li-Co's Pilot's Peak DC Eight

Larry McCoy and McCoy Boxers

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